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How to donate ?

IECS is authorized to collect tax-exempt donations and bequests in France, Europe, and the United States (see details below). The Foundation guarantees no administrative charges: donations are fully dedicated to its programs.

You can donate to IECS online or by bank transfer. Read more about donating here. We are also glad to provide assistance. Online donation is an easy way to support us. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as bank wires.

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Donations via bank transfer to IECS endowment or directly to specific programs

Choose IECS Endowment or name a specific program and make your donation safely and securely through the HelloAsso online payment service. Donations can be made  with most credit cards online.

Make a donation to support specific programs  by paying your donation to the account of IECS.

CCM: IBAN = FR76 1027 8089 9200 0210 4910 103, BIC = CMCIFR2A

Recipient: International Endowment for Chinese Studies (IECS)

Message: Name IECS Endowment Fund or the program, name of the donor and contact information

For donations over 10,000 euros or more we kindly ask you to contact us.

For donations over 1,000 euros or more we kindly ask you to send us a deed of donation.

Download the deed of donation. Send the signed deed of donation to:


Donor status

We are delighted to recognise the generosity of our donors in a variety of ways. Donors can contribute to IECS endowment fund or to a specific program.


Premium Donors: gifts above €1 million euros

This gift underwrites the vital research activities of IECS, and will be recognized in all IECS funded activities. It will be pooled in the foundation endowment, except for the gifts attached to a particular program.


Major Donors: €120,000-999,999 euros 

This gift is an acknowledgment of the strategic value of IECS actions and will be recognized in all IECS funded activities. This gift can be made to the general endowment of IECS or to a specific program.

Individual Donors: any amount under €120,000

This gift represents the trust and support to IECS by all those who are willing to contribute with any amount of funding to the objectives of IECS.


Endow a program

Not sure where to direct your gift? Looking for a specific giving opportunity? There are many ways to support IECS. Find your best fit here, whether it’s a matching program, bequest, stock or security, or any other option.


  • Named Endowments


  1. The 二十一世紀華界數位圖書館 offers various naming opportunities:
    • Name the Library
    • Name a library collection fund: From €10,000/year for three years (Each item purchased will carry the donor’s name)
    • Name a library collection fund (Permanent, Endowed): From €100,000


  1. Name a Junior scholar chair (the chair will carry the donor’s name in perpetuity if it is a permanent endowment or as long as the pledge is honored):
    • Permanent named endowment: €1,200,000
    • Three-year named endowment: €120,000


  1. Name a Research Grant  (the grant will carry the donor’s name in perpetuity if it is a permanent endowment or as long as the pledge is honored):
    • Permanent named endowment: €1,200,000
    • Three-year named endowment: €150,000


  1. Name a Dissertation fellowship (the fellowship will carry the donor’s name in perpetuity if it is a permanent endowment or as long as the pledge is honored):
    • Permanent named endowment: €750,000
    • Two-year named endowment: €72,000
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Legal Status and Tax Exemption details

We are an endowment registered under French law “Loi n° 2008-776 du 4 août 2008 de modernisation de l’économie (LME, article 140)”. It defines an endowment as “A nonprofit legal entity of private law that receives and manages, by capitalizing them, goods and rights of any kind that are donated to it free of charge and irrevocably, and uses the income from the capitalization for the purpose of carrying out a work or a mission of general interest or redistributes it to assist a nonprofit legal entity in fulfilling its works and missions of general interest.”

Gifts to IECS provide income tax benefits to donors as per French tax laws. Endowment fund benefits from the tax system for philanthropy. As such, companies creating a fund are entitled to a tax reduction equal to 60% of the number of payments made within the limit of 5‰ of their turnover. Individuals can reduce their income tax by 66% of the amount of sums donated, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income (article 795 of the General Tax Code).

Tax exemption also applies to gifts made in the United States and most countries in Europe thanks to a collaboration with KBFUS (United States) and Transnational Giving Europe  (Europe). See details below.

Donations from the United States

If you are a US resident, you can donate to IECS through KBFUS. This will make you eligible for a tax deduction  in the US (KBFUS is considered a public charity under sections 501(c)(3)  and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code). IECS collaborates with the organization King  Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS). Give your gift via KBFUS simply by choosing IECS as the recipient.

Donations from Europe

If you are a European resident, you can donate to IECS through Transnational Giving Europe (TGE).

This is a collaborative giving scheme offered by a partnership of  European foundations. It enables donors (both corporations and  individuals) resident in one of the participating countries to offer  financial support to non-profit organisations in other member countries.  Beneficiaries benefit directly from the tax advantages provided for in  the legislation of their country of residence. Country-specific contact details for the scheme are available on the TGE website. Currently the following European countries are included: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, United  Kingdom.

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