International Endowment for Chinese Studies

Connecting with the Chinese World

Is there anything more vital in the early 21st century than studying China? Is there any subject more relevant than delving into the dynamics and accomplishments of Chinese communities and societies beyond China’s borders? The International Endowment for Chinese Studies (IECS) firmly believes that both France and Europe suffer from a significant deficit in knowledge and understanding of what China represents today. This includes its historical trajectory over the past century, as well as the intricacies and diversity of Chinese societies in the modern world.

IECS makes it its mission to create the conditions for the production and circulation of in-depth knowledge on Chinese societies rooted in vibrant and independent academic research. Its main target is French universities and research organizations that have failed to adjust their recruitment and training programs to meet the challenges of the 21st century. There is a most pressing need to provide the adequate level of expertise required for a fruitful encounter and dialogue with China and modern Chinese societies.

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